Adding an Assessment Switcher

What they are and how to add them to your programs.

You can create and add Assessment Switchers in the Mindmarker Admin Portal. When a Switcher is placed at the end of an Assessment, it automatically sends participants to their next program based on scoring parameters you define.

Add an Assessment Switcher

  • Start in Learning Journeys
  • Select the Program you want to add a Switcher to
  • Click the blue button to Add Mindmarker (the Switcher)
  • Select Assessment Switcher from the list
  • Click Add Mindmarker again

  • This will open the New Switcher: Assessment Switcher options/settings
    • Schedule: Week | Day | Time | Order
    • Content: Add the message you want participants to see as they're moving onto the next program
      • For example: How do you feel about the pending changes coming your way? 
    • Additional Settings:
      • Assessment Overview: Select a previously created Assessment
      • Learning Objectives: The corresponding Learning Objectives will populate
      • Result-based actions (optional): You can define where participants are directed based on their Assessment score
        • For example: If a participant's Assessment score is higher, lower, in between, or equal to X score, they'll be placed in the program you define—repeat as needed
      • If none of the above conditions are met enlist to: You have the option to select a program for participants to enroll in if none of the above-defined conditions are met
  • Click Save to confirm

Note: Only scheduled programs allow switchers. Self-directed programs do not have switcher options.