Assigning Points to Mindmarkers

What the default is and how to adjust it.

Mindmarker Points

When mindmarkers are created, they can be assigned a point value. Points are used to help learners monitor their progress and are the basis for rankings on program Leaderboards (if enabled). 

Default Point Values

Each mindmarker type is assigned a default point value when created. This default value can be adjusted at any time within the allowable scale. Default point values and scales by mindmarker type are:

Mindmarker Type Default Value Scale
Push Message 0 [0 - 1000]
Knowledge Check 2000 [0 - 2000]
Open Responses 2000 [[0 - 2000]
Poll 500 [0 - 1000]
Survey 500 [0 - 1000]

    How Mindmarkers Are Scored

    For all mindmarkers, participants can earn full points by completing them within 7 days of receipt.  After 7 days, the maximum a participant can receive is 50% of the point value.  For questions with correct answers (e.g. Knowledge Check), users receive no points for incorrect answers. 

    Mindmarker Type Assigned Points

    Points Awarded
    (Answered within 7 days) 

    Points Awarded (Answered after 7 days)
    Push Message 0 0 0
    Knowledge Check 2000

    2000 (if correct)

    0 (if incorrect)

    1000 (if correct)

    0 (if incorrect)

    Open Response 1000 1000 500
    Poll 500 500 250
    Survey 500 500 250