Inviting Multiple Participants to a Program

Steps to bulk upload and invite multiple participants to a mindmarker program. 

  1. Navigate to Learning Journeys Menu

    1. Click Learning Journeys on your menu bar.

  2. Select Program

    1. Choose the program you want to add participants to by selecting the (⋮) menu, then click Manage Participants.

    2. Once you’ve selected your Program, click Add participants > Multiple participants in the dropdown menu. 

  3. Download XLS Template

    1. On the Add multiple participants screen, click Get Template to download the XLS spreadsheet. To download the instructions on how to properly fill out the template, click Get instructions

  4. Upload Template

    1. Once you've completed the template, upload it via drag and drop or by searching for your file. 

    2. The Add multiple participants screen will appear. When ready click Invite

    3. A pop-up message will appear, confirming the participant(s) were invited to the program.